The Thieving Magpies

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gig List 2018(9pm unless stated)

Jan   20   Newton,Arms, Dalton-in-Furness

         26    wheatsheaf, preston

         27    tweedies bar, grasmere

feb  03    private gig (paul with rfom)

         10    The Lily Bar, Ambleside  

         16     hope and anchor, ulverston

         17     The navy club, Barrow-in-furness 
         24     the fletcher christian,  cockermouth

mar   03    the ambrose hotel, Barrow

           09   The Royal, Morecambe

           10   The Lily Bar, Ambleside

           17    PRIVATE GIG (alAN)

          24    tweedies bar, grasmere 

           30   the red lion, sedbergh

          31     Sheafstock festival  Ingleton
                  (time on stage to be confirmed)

Apr    07     the fletcher christian, cockermouth

          13     Paul (Solo gig)
          14    Private gig scunthorpe (alan)

          21    The Lily Bar, Ambleside

          24    PrivaTE corporate event WARWICK

          28    Beacon social club, Penrith

 May  05    strawberry(greene king) Barrow 

          06    Ciderfest, hawcoat park barrow 
                  (time on stage to be confirmed)

           12     Arnside sailing club, feat cosmic dave

           18    hope and anchor, ulverston

           19    The Lily Bar, Ambleside
           20    PRIVATE GIG (ALAN)

           26    The piel castle, ulverston

jun    01     paul (solo gig)

          02      the derby hotel and music bar, barrow

          09     PRIVATE GIG (ALAN)

          16      the lily bar, ambleside

          23     the royal station hotel, carnforth
          30    the fletcher christian, cockermouth

July  07     eden valley beer festival (time tbc)

          14     the lily bar, Ambleside

          21    Tweedies Bar, grasmere

aug   5      tarnfest, barrow-in-furness *TBC

          11      Hogg 'n' heifers, High bentham

          18     tweedies bar, grasmere

          25     the lily bar, ambleside   

Sep    1      Grasmere Guzzler Festival *TBC

           7      Hope and anchor, ulverston

          15     The lily Bar, ambleside

          22     festival of the fells *TBC

           29    playing for change festival *tbc

OCT    19    windermere marina, boathouse

Oct    27   the fletcher christian, cockermouth

nov    9     hope and anchor, ulverston
Playing With Fire
The Thieving Magpies (Grasmere Guzzler 2017)